"Midwinter" was created in April of 2011, starting as a casual story between friends. It has since grown into an expansive graphic novel and now has a team of passionate individuals determined to make it a success. It is the reason ReVision Studios was first formed and is the heart of the company.

In the world of Midwinter, cyberization is thriving while magic tries to break free of its longstanding stigma. A new miracle drug, asterite, has emerged as a genetic modifier and gives new life to the incurable.

Nox, a powerful arcanist, goes after Gemini Hospital to steal the drug and ends up gaining permanent employment to protect them instead. Housing the ample supply of asterite it does, the hospital makes for a tantalizing target. Attacks on the facility become more aggressive and desperate with each passing day. Unfortunately, with a background like his, Nox needs to build up trust among staff in order to perform his increasingly difficult duties.

Along the way he discovers the magic of friendship—no, just kidding. He discovers that despite being the one with the steepest criminal record, there are those around him that safeguard even more dangerous secrets: some personal, some classified, and some that will question the very institution he’s working for.

Midwinter is a blend of fantasy and sci-fi elements. The easiest way to label it is as a Cyberpunk Fantasy, where magic is still present in a somewhat futuristic, urban society.

Midwinter is set in Helior, a fictitious country that showcases both advanced technology and fantasy creatures. Most interesting, however, are the arcanists: people who can cast magic. Because science and technology dominate, arcanists are unique and sometimes revered... or in most cases, feared.

Polaris, the coastal city of which this story takes place in, is very technology centric and industrial. Their main economy revolves around Gemini Hospital and its university, which touts the best medical care and medical program in the country.

There are few arcanists within the city due to xenophobia taking root within its residents. Arcanists are seen as unpredictable and untrustworthy, resulting in the creation of the Magi Registry and the Arcane Control Unit (ACU) that keep close track of all casters residing in Polaris. The Registry oversees an academy for those with the aptitude of casting and assists them in finding employment throughout the city upon mastering their abilities.

However, some arcanists try to hide their abilities because of the oppressive nature of the system...



Midwinter © 2012 by Kayla Swain, Joanna Wong. All rights reserved.