Is the comic out? Are there pages for me to read?

Currently, Volume 1 (chapters 1-3) is out and can be purchased over at our Etsy store! Otherwise, you can read it online for free on Tapstic (both links on the left sidebar!).

What else can I get?

For merchandise, we'll have bookarks, buttons, and posters for sale.  You can get any of those at conventions or Etsy!

Which conventions will you be attending?

As of now, our plan is as follows:

Confirmed Conventions & Events

Wishlist & Possibilities (for 2017)

Of course, this is subject to change, so be sure to check back once in awhile for an updated list!

Have a convention you'd like to suggest? Email us at:

Sounds awesome! How can I support this project?

If you like our project and would like to support our efforts, there are two methods:

Every dollar goes to keeping this comic going as a sustainable project for our team. It lets us release new merchandise, go to more events, and pay our starving artists.

But I'm a little strapped for cash! Is there anything else I can do?

Share. Share us on your favorite social media outlet, tell your friends, spread the word and get people excited! The more people we can get on board, the better off we'll be.


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